Letter of Appreciation to Latham Centers’ Staff


Occasionally Latham Centers staff receive letters from family members explaining how grateful they are for the residential, vocational, clinical, and educational services Latham provides. Recently we received a beautiful Thank You from a mother of one of Latham Centers’ accomplished students and an attendee at the Latham Centers 2015 Year End Celebration. [Names have been changed to protect privacy.]
“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how grateful I am for all that Latham has done for Jackie over the past four plus years…To see the young lady she has developed into is nothing short of amazing. With the constant care of the entire Latham Staff she has exceeded all of my expectations.
Being a Mother of two daughters who have special needs and now collectively having first-hand experience with four residential programs you need to know that Latham is head and shoulders above the others. The dedication of the staff and genuine compassion they all have with Jackie is second to none. If other programs could model what is practiced at Latham I know a lot of Moms who would rest easier at night.
Each employee has a positive effect on Jackie, whether direct or indirect, and for that I will be extremely grateful.”
We couldn’t be more proud of the staff and programs at Latham, and the above excerpts from this mother’s letter explain exactly why.
Submitted by Katrina Fryklund
Director of Development

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