Latham welcomes new team members

Our monthly new-staff orientation and training shifted to an online platform over the past few months, and we’re so happy to welcome our new Children’s and Adult Services Program team members! Pictured in the Zoom meeting and Training Center images are new staff members from both programs.  

Orientation is led by Director of Employee Training and Development Kathleen vanEsselstyn (who has been at Latham Centers for 26 years), along with Staff Development Coordinator Christian Ryan. Kathy said she and Christian learn so much from every orientation class, but never as much as they have learned in the last three months!  “Completing our two-week training virtually at first seemed as if it might be less effective. It certainly is not our first choice for delivering all of the information that we need to impart to our new employees. But as time has gone by, we have learned from each group of new staff members and adapted the formats, procedures, and schedules with their input in mind – and feedback has been excellent. Participants have had to master the art of being flexible – something that will assist them in doing their jobs after orientation as well. We are fortunate and grateful to have enthusiastic, conscientious staff joining us in fulfilling our mission to create opportunities for independence, self-worth, and happiness for the children and adults that we support.”

Positions represented in the photos include Sped Aide, PE Teacher, Registered Nurse, Summer Sub, Substitute (Children’s and Adult Services), Residential Counselor, One to One Counselor, and Behavior Specialist. We’re hiring for other positions as well, from Brewster to Plymouth, and we’re grateful to our Cape Cod community for referring job candidates to our website.  Anyone seeking a meaningful career making a difference in the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities is invited to apply online. Latham Centers provides comprehensive training and opportunities for growth, and a fantastic benefits package!

To our new Latham staff members, we warmly welcome you to this special place of hope that our students and adult program participants call home.

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