Latham Tip of the Week: What to Do about Sensory Overload

Many children with PWS find everyday hygiene routines almost unbearable. Sensations like brushing teeth, hair brushing and bathing send them into sensory overload and you find yourself fighting to do the most basic routines. Try having your child bite on a vibrating toy made specifically for biting just before it’s time to brush his or her teeth. You can find these online or from the OT in your child’s school. Before hair brushing use a vibrating scalp massager. Going into a shower or tub can feel overwhelming to a child with sensory integration issues, try to add different sensations just before bath time. For example; roll them in a blanket, have them lay under a light weight bean bag chair, have them squeeze their muscles one body part at a time. Stimulating their senses will make the transition into water less shocking. 
Using these methods will make for a cleaner child and a saner you. There are many more sensory “tricks”. Feel free to ask us for more.
Submitted by:
Patrice Carroll
Manager of PWS Services

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