Latham students welcomed 2021 with gratitude!

By Cara Losapio, Residential Supervisor

“While they could have justifiably had an attitude, our students instead chose to show their gratitude!”

Throughout 2020, our students were faced with so many challenges in a world that could be both confusing and scary at times. As the world drastically changed around them, our students worked harder than ever to not only face their everyday challenges, but to adapt to the “new normal” and to make the best out of every situation.

In that spirit, Latham said farewell to 2020 by all coming together for a virtual New Year’s Eve celebration. While this year’s festivities may have looked different than those of the past, no fun was lost! Before the real party kicked off with dancing, the traditional countdown and televised fireworks, the students were asked to participate in a mindfulness activity.

The year 2020 brought a lot of disappointments and hard times. From adjusting to socially distanced living, canceled family visits, virtual learning, and limited ability to explore the community, it would be warranted if our students chose to lament on the struggles they faced. However, in true spirit of Latham, our students instead shared messages of positivity and hope.

When asked what the best part of her year was, Angel excitedly shared that she was still able to see Mommy virtually and that she was looking forward to more parties this year!

Olivia, our resident Fashion Diva, shared that her favorite memory was her 21st birthday party at Latham and that this year she is looking forward to learning how to model!

One of our shyer students, who has chosen to remain anonymous, wrote that the best part of 2020 and what she was most grateful for was being with her friends and staff.

Bridget shared that the best part of 2020 was moving suites “feeling like herself again” and that she was grateful for Latham after advocating for more support, exemplifying dedication and perseverance to personal growth in the face of adversity.

Annika did not let the “new normal” stop her from being a normal social teenager this year. She giggly shared with delight that the best part of her year was getting a boyfriend!

Even those who tried to maintain their too-cool-for-school attitude couldn’t hold back! When asked what the best part of 2020 was, Annabel stated, “Nothing but one thing.” That one thing was repairing a relationship with a peer and learning how to not only share a space, but to become friends. What was she most grateful for? “Having a family of girls I call friends and supportive staff helping me.”

Now that 2020 is over, what are their wishes for 2021? One thing every student agreed upon was for COVID to be over!

Daniel is looking forward to being able to travel for home visits again, as he is most grateful for his brother, sister, Mommy, and Abba.

Matthew is looking forward to going back to regular school – no more social distancing!

Homer can’t wait to be able to see all his friends in person again!

Latham may be strong, but our students are even stronger! Let their positivity inspire you throughout this New Year!

Special thanks to Cara Losapio for sharing this exceptional Children’s Program highlight!

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