Latham students thrive in Let’s Go Fitness

Latham Centers is pleased to announce an exciting venture with Let’s Go Fitness. In a thoughtful and timely initiative new to our PWS community, Let’s Go Fitness is geared towards individuals with Prader-Willi syndrome and other complex special needs.

This online platform enables all of our students – from their different suites on campus and even at home – to participate in a variety of virtual fitness classes led by and intended for those within the PWS community. The students have really enjoyed Let’s Go Fitness, and they especially love the new addition to their weekend and afternoon routines. As you can see from these photos, everyone is beaming ear to ear and working hard. Let’s Go Fitness creator Keegan (Dante’s father) writes on their website,

Dante has a rare genetic disorder called Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). Among other challenges, PWS causes low muscle tone, low energy and a constant hunger. Although Dante loves sports, getting Dante to be active and managing his weight have always been a challenge.

His transformation started in the middle of the COVID pandemic. Dante’s Uncle Tom was visiting and asked if he could borrow some weights to start to workout. As Tom tried out the weights, we asked Dante if he wanted to try as well??? Dante said, sure, picked up the weight and did a few bicep curls. Everyone cheered and we told him he could do the same thing tomorrow and then call Uncle Tom and they could compare notes. Little did we know how far it would go …

We are grateful to Dante and Keegan for their creativity, and for answering the overwhelming need in our larger PWS community, especially during COVID-19. Monique Williams, Latham’s Director of Health and Wellness, has managed the campus launch and oversees the program. “So far, the Let’s Go Fitness program has gone amazingly well,” Monique said. “We’ve been happy to partner up with the Let’s Go Fitness team! The kids have been able to participate in activities such as Yoga and Fitness, and it’s nice to see so many kids participate each week; especially those who would typically be hesitant to try a group exercise activity!”

Stay tuned for additional posts about Let’s Go Fitness at Latham Centers!

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