Latham students delight audience at annual talent show

Latham students from all seven classrooms shared their wonderfully diverse talents with peers, staff, and family members at the 2018 Latham School Talent Show on Friday. From instrumentals to singing to dancing, more than 33 performances under sunny afternoon skies had students and staff clapping, singing, and dancing along. Audience members were impressed and moved by our students. Some of us continued singing and dancing later that afternoon, inspired by songs like “Perfect” and popular dance moves performed along with the “Whip Nae Nae” and “JuJu on that Beat”.

For some students, the talent show means facing fears to get up on stage and be in the spotlight with the support of peers and staff. For others, the show is pure joy—being front and center and the focus of everyone’s attention as they share their selected talent. The talent show is the perfect opportunity for Latham staff and students to celebrate every student and his or her unique gifts.

Congratulations to our students for their hard work practicing for their performances. And thank you to Children’s Program staff members—including Instructor of Performing Arts & Wellness Sarah jane Mason—for supporting this special event.

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