Latham School Sewing club helps prepare for upcoming Musical Revue and Spring Concert

Students in Latham Centers’ Sewing Club have been making aprons for the Musical Revue and Spring Concert to be held on campus this Friday. The aprons are upcycled from button-down shirts and will be used in the performance of the song “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from the Broadway show Annie. The special musical event will feature the Latham Stars on Stage Club, all Latham students, and a collaboration with the Latham Players (talented residents from our Adult Services Program who perform many genres of musical entertainment). Sarah Jane Mason, Latham School’s Instructor of Performing Arts and Wellness, said the performance will include songs and scenes from Broadway shows including Peter Pan, Annie, the Sound of Music, Grease, and more!


Pictured above: Special Education Aide Amy Anson leads students in the creation of aprons.

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