Latham School parents express thanks with Appreciation Breakfast

Staff recognition is one of the many strengths of our programs, and this month has seen an abundance of appreciation. Our Latham School parent community expressed their thanks in a unique way: with a restaurant meal! Board member and parent Matt McCleery noted, “Latham School parents just wanted to express their thanks to the staff for everything they do for the kids, so they arranged for a Staff Appreciation breakfast at a favorite local restaurant, Grumpy’s on Route 6A in Dennis. More than 60 staff members enjoyed a meal at Grumpy’s, I am happy to report!” 

Thank you, parents, for your thoughtfulness and generosity – and thank you, Grumpy’s, for the delicious food and great service!


…Some of our staff members have said that the encouragement, support, and appreciation they receive here at Latham is like no other place they’ve ever worked. Tomorrow, we’ll share some of the internal recognition happening at Latham.

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