Latham School celebrates new graduate’s accomplishments


Longtime student Annee graduated this week, and all of us at Latham Centers applaud this special milestone. Annee’s graduation ceremony included staff and friends, her family, and her Rogers & Gray family (where she worked off-campus). Staff members who spoke highlighted Annee’s successes throughout her 6½ years at Latham.

Teacher Meghan Pouliot first met Annee five years ago and has enjoyed watching her grow into adulthood. Meghan said, “I was lucky enough to have her in the Nauset classroom and I saw her mature, develop multiple coping skills, and build relationships with her peers and staff. When she transitioned to the older classrooms, I continued to be in awe at how Annee continued to thrive. And now we have the young woman we all see here today. She is turning to the next chapter in her life and we all could not be prouder.”

Annee gave a heartwarming speech, concluding, “I am so grateful to my staff and friends for helping me become the young woman I am today.” The graduation ceremony ended with two special songs sung by Annee and her uncle, as well as a round of “Happy Birthday” sung by the entire room of supporters. Annee made a mark on so many of us here at Latham, staff and students alike. And although we’ll miss her smiling face on campus, we know that she is equipped with the tools to be successful. Congratulations and very best wishes to Annee!

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