Latham resident shares Plymouth Airport volunteer experience

We’re so excited to share an interview with Brian, one of our residents who has been volunteering at Plymouth Airport for about two-and-a-half years. Here, he discusses with Alan Milsted, Adult Services Case Manager and Vocational Counselor, what he does and how he has benefited from the experience.

So, Brian, you have been volunteering at Plymouth Airport. Why did you want to do this?

Brian: Because I love airplanes, and I thought it would be fun.

What sorts of things do you do at the airport?

Brian: I go on the tarmac and I collect the plane’s registration numbers, so the Airport Manager knows who has to pay parking fees. I also check the Massachusetts sticker date. (Note: In the United States, the registration number is commonly referred to as an “N” number, because all aircraft registered here have a number starting with the letter N.) As well as that, I do filing and help with mailing.

What is the MOST important thing you must remember when you are at the airport?


How do you help the airport to be a safe place?

Brian: I help staff with runway checks, to make sure there are no birds and that the lights are on.

What skills have you developed through your volunteer work?

Brian: I have learned to double-check my work, to make sure it is accurate. If I am not sure of something, I ask. When I go on the tarmac, I have to make sure the planes are not moving. I have learned how to how to do filing.

Apart from the aircraft on the tarmac, what else have you seen at the airport?

Brian: Well, I have seen a 727 sometimes. Sometimes I see the State Police’s helicopters’ propellers spinning.

What is the most exciting thing you have seen or done at the airport?

Brian: There is a very old Beech airplane at the airport, and the owner let me climb aboard.

Is there anything else you would like to tell people about your work at Plymouth Airport?

Brian: I always have a good time, and the people are very friendly at the airport. I think it’s fun.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Brian. I really enjoy going to the airport with you, and I have seen how much you have grown in confidence.

-Alan Milsted


Photo taken during Brian’s volunteer shift at Plymouth Airport on March 6th, after the previous weekend’s winter storm. Special thanks to Alan and Brian for sharing the wonderful highlights of your community involvement and volunteerism.

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