Latham Outreach Team announces Webinar Series: Lunch with Latham

We’re excited to launch a new Latham Centers PWS Webinar Series!

Members of Latham Centers’ Outreach Team often talk with families about topics related to Prader-Willi syndrome, such as planning for the winter holidays, ADLs and hygiene, transitioning to adulthood, and psychiatric issues. Additionally, at conferences and meetings, parents often ask about topics like planning for IEPs and how to talk to their child about sex. The team is now offering a bi-monthly PWS Webinar Series focused on PWS.

Beginning on Thursday, November 10th, Patrice Carroll and her team will offer Lunch with Latham from 12:30-1:30 pm EST, on the Second Tuesday of every-other month. Utilizing Zoom, the webinars will give participants the chance to see the speakers and ask questions. (If interested in attending, please contact Katrina Kozak at

In the first session, Monique Williams (Latham’s Director of Health and Wellness) and Patrice Carroll, LICSW (Latham’s Director of PWS Services) will discuss planning for the holidays. “Keeping a food-secure and predictable environment is the cornerstone of the work that we do,” Patrice said, “but that doesn’t mean that holidays and special events need to be skipped.”

For years, Monique and her team have created unique and PWS-aware plans around holidays for our students at Latham Centers’ Children’s Campus. Patrice and Monique will share different ideas and things that have been successful in the PWS community.

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