Latham joins maaps technology leaders in session on cyber security


Technology leaders from Latham Centers joined other Chapter 766 schools at a recent professional development session on emerging cybersecurity risks. The Gifford School in Weston hosted the IT gathering, and presenter Eugene V. Slobodzian, Vice President of Security for Winxnet, led the session for maaps (Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools). Although Eugene directed his comments about the most current online risks to our member schools’ technology and financial leaders, he provided some relevant cautions for everyone in today’s world of increasing cyber threats.

Despite ongoing improvements to organizations’ IT policies and procedures – as well as physical and IT security – Eugene said the ‘human factor’ is the leading cause of compromises in cybersecurity. Everyone must be a “Doubting Thomas”: for every unexpected email that requests action or information, consider “why are they asking me for it?” and verify the legitimacy through other means. (Make that phone call to be sure!) And equally important, “If you didn’t expect it, reject it.”  Thank you to technology services provider Winexnet and maaps for this helpful, collaborative information session. Latham Centers is a grateful member of maaps – this proactive association provides ongoing professional development sessions and opportunities to share best practices with other private special education schools statewide.

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