Latham honors Dr. Christine Thomas with Roy T. Morgan Community Award

With great pleasure, our annual Roy T. Morgan Community Award was presented recently to Dr. Christine Thomas, a member of Latham’s Board of Directors and mother of a participant in our programs. At the virtual presentation attended by more than 100 Latham staff members, students, and residents, President and CEO Anne McManus was thrilled to announce the award:

“Today’s Community Award goes to a friend, a leader, a mentor, and a consummate professional. Throughout this pandemic, Dr. Thomas has been with us every step of the way – guiding us, giving of her expertise and her time and care as we worked to keep our students, residents, and staff safe from COVID-19.

Every week (and sometimes multiple times in a week), she was available to us and never refused any request. She provided our medical staff with consultation. She advised our program and administrative staff, and she was our educator and expert on all-things-Covid.

To have a highly experienced physician advising us made a huge difference in our success in managing our response to this virus, and we shall always be grateful for her presence among us.”

From all of us at Latham Centers, sincere thanks and congratulations to Christine Thomas, M.D.!


About Latham Centers’ Roy T. Morgan Award: The late Roy T. Morgan, born in Rhode Island, was a self-made man and industrialist who founded, owned, and managed the New England Malleable Iron Co. in Warwick. His company, a foundry, produced air-refined iron and contributed to the war effort during World War II. Mr. Morgan was known to be an extremely private, patriotic, and strong-willed man. He believed that each of us has a responsibility to care for those who have more significant challenges and vulnerabilities. In his will, he made it clear that he was dedicated to the notion of “being his brother’s keeper,” and with his legacy in mind, he created the Roy T. Morgan Foundation to aid children with disabilities. The Roy T. Morgan Foundation has supported Latham Centers through annual grant funding totaling more than $1.35 million over the past 21 years. The generosity of the Foundation has shaped our campus, enriched our programming, and inspired our future. Each year, the Roy T. Morgan Award is presented to staff and community members who, through their creativity, dedication, professionalism, and compassion, have made a significant and lasting impact on the students and adult residents at Latham Centers.

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