Latham Employee John Bonanni Receives Notable CCYP Scholarship

He is Second Staffer to Win this Prestigious Scholarship in 2014  
Latham employee John Bonanni made everyone at Latham Centers proud when he accepted a $2,500 scholarship from the Career Connect initiative of Cape Cod Young Professionals at their 10th Annual Anniversary Celebration at Chatham Bars Inn on November 6th. Bonanni was awarded the monies after a competitive review process vetted by CCYP, a volunteer review Board, and the Cape Cod Foundation. Bonanni’s CCYP scholarship will go far in helping him to complete a Master’s in Education program at Bridgewater State University with a special education concentration. (Latham employee Dawn Dinnan received a similar scholarship in CCYP’s Spring 2014 scholarship award round.
Bonanni, an active writer and established teacher working in the Race Point Classroom at the Latham School campus, concentrates on arts in education, mindfulness, sensory activities, and community outings. Students and staff alike gravitate towards him as his outgoing, expressive, and humorous personality precedes him. Bonanni has been with Latham since 2008 and first worked on the Residential side of the house for both Children’s and Adult Services. He most recently transferred back to Children’s to teach at Latham School.
Outside of Latham, Bonanni spearheaded the Cape Cod Poetry Review where he currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief. Also receiving grant funding from the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod for the Cape Cod Poetry Review, Bonanni has set himself above his CCYP Scholarship competition as a consistently active member of his community.
CCYP’s 10th Anniversary Celebration also included information on the impressive increase in volunteers and membership over the course of the past year for the organization. Highlights included the results of the Shape the Cape Survey and a new Mentor Exchange Program.
The new projects and programs established by CCYP over the past year align with CCYP’s goals to retain and recruit a diverse workforce for our region, build healthy and vibrant communities, and increase civic engagement for the betterment of the future of Cape Cod. To learn more about the CCYP Career Connect Scholarship Program visit here.
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