Latham classes give gifts to Cape Cod community members

Latham Centers is grateful for all the support of our Cape Cod community, and our staff members often work with students on projects focused on gratitude. Special Education Teachers Jeff, Shannon, and Kiera and their students have spread much holiday cheer throughout the community:

“Over the last few weeks, the classrooms of Bass River, Marconi, and Nauset have come together in the spirit of giving to help spread some holiday cheer to the local community members. They have been making wreaths in school and cards saying, ‘thank you for all that they do.’ The first two stops on the Give Back Tour were to some major supporters of Latham: our very own Brewster Fire and Police Departments. They were so happy to see all the students and receive their nice gifts made by the students. The Police Department also allowed them to tour the facility and check out some of the police cars. It was an amazing opportunity for the students to say thank you to those who keep everyone safe. The students have enjoyed giving back and talking with them all. We have a few more surprises left this month, so keep a look out for more pictures. Thank you everyone for all that you do and especially to our staff who helped with the planning and execution of these outings.” -By Jeff Lee

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