Latham Centers Supports CCYP at Falmouth High School VIPS Conference


Latham Centers Staffer Katrina Fryklund with Garin Veris, and Falmouth High School Staff and VIPS and CCYP Volunteers

Yesterday, Latham Centers’ staffer Katrina Fryklund traveled to Falmouth High School to work with students on S.M.A.R.T. goal setting (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely). Just as Latham Centers encourages students and adults to be integrally involved in the community, it’s also important that staff volunteer and participate in community activities.
Garin Veris opened the Conference to an auditorium filled with Falmouth High School students and Falmouth VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools). Veris played in the NFL for eight years, starting with the New England Patriots in 1985 as a defensive end. Veris continued to set goals for himself and now has a law degree from BC, while working as Athletic Director of Mass Maritime Academy.
After Veris spoke, students broke up into teams to talk about their own goal setting. This is where volunteers lent a helping hand, and discussed personal experiences that have helped them set and achieve goals. While some students discussed collegiate and familial goals, others discussed athletic goals. Thank you, CCYP (Cape Cod Young Professionals) and Falmouth High School, for inviting us to volunteer for this worthy cause!

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