Latham Centers Student Art Contest: T-Shirt Designs 2015

-3Caption: The 2015 Winning Design! (click on the image to be taken to slideshow)

Annually, Latham Centers staff encourage students to harness their creativity in an on campus T-Shirt Contest. The students are given a theme and are challenged to create a design. This year the students were asked, “What does Latham mean to you,” and students were prompted with the following questions:
-If you are new to Latham: Think about how it felt to be welcomed here.
-If you have been at Latham for a while: Think about the progress you’ve made.
-If you think Latham is fun: Think about what you like to do here.
This project also tasks the students to think about logistics and follow guidelines:
-Draw on a 8.5” x 11” white paper;
-Draw with a bold dark marker in one color (so it’s easy to print);
-Designs need to include a picture and phrase with “Latham;”
-On the back of your design write your NAME and COLOR of the SHIRT and LETTERS you choose for your design.
Students and staff then vote for the best design. The winners design was printed on t-shirts and given to all the students. This year, the t-shirt is purple and the whale and text is in teal – it looks beautiful! Each participating student is rewarded with a certificate, and the winning and runner-up students receive new art supplies!
Stay tuned for the next round of entries to be posted on December 15, 2015!
Please click HERE to be taken to the slideshow!

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