Latham Centers Announces New Director of Children’s Services

Latham Centers is pleased to announce that Gerry Pouliot, III has been appointed the new Director of Children’s Services, working from the Latham School Children’s campus in Brewster, MA. As a native Cape Codder, Mr. Pouliot began his career as a special education teacher in the public system before choosing to join Latham in 2010 as the lead teacher in our Nauset classroom. Mr. Pouliot has been Latham School’s Director of Education since 2012. Under his leadership, the school and its education program have experienced a number of improvements. During his tenure, Mr. Pouliot has demonstrated skill in creating community, recognizing and developing talents in others and fostering collaboration.

Having worked up “through the ranks,” we are especially excited to have a leader that intimately knows the program. In recognition of this, we have asked Gerry to explain why he believes Latham is the best place to work. Here are his Top Ten Reasons:

  • Love working in an environment that promotes creativity and outside-the-box thinking!
  • Staff, staff, staff… I may be biased but Latham staff members are the most dedicated group of professionals that I have ever worked with.
  • The curriculum allows educators to educate our students with a hands-on approach that meets the core curriculum.
  • The moment when a student smiles because they achieved an important milestone such as passing the MCAS, scoring a touchdown at Special Olympics, or participating in a residential social skills group.
  • Watching the campus-wide after school activities (I just recently learned the game of SPUD!)
  • Observing our students working so hard in Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy. I do not think everyone truly knows the dedication and commitment our students have to excel with these specialized therapies.
  • The Community Meeting! Once a month all components get together with the students to celebrate student and staff accomplishments over the course of the month. Watch out, I personally give out the “Hey, that’s really cool award.”
  • Sensory Art, Lights, Camera, Action!, Woodworking, Maintenance staff, and classes they offer our students, Seasonal Crafts, Student Council, Gardening, Book Club, Science, and Swim Outings, the Nauset Garden Club Ladies, Visiting Companion Animal Dogs, and the PWS Club, and 21-Club―just a few clubs/activities that Latham has to offer.
  • The parents. As the Director of Education I was responsible for communicating the Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) with parents/guardians and funding school districts. I have learned so much about our population through the parents of our individuals. I have learned that compassion, patience and focused guidance are key attributes that one must have when working with our unique population.
  • Finally, our students. It is their courage that inspires me and the staff on a daily basis. It is the everyday occurrences that serve as minor miracles that we may take for granted; but once we can take a step back and breathe, we collectively realize that we wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

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