Latham Centers’ 2015 Holiday Success Story

Every year Latham Centers sends friends, old and new, a recent success story. This year, learn about “Sara.” She is an inspiration to the Board of Directors and staff at Latham Centers, and we hope she is for you as well.
Screen shot 2015-12-22 at 1.22.12 PMDear Friends:
Think of your family, your friends, and your community. Who are the people who have celebrated your successes and weathered your failures with you? How has your life been shaped by those who care about you and believe in your abilities? We all need connection and support to face the challenges in our lives- especially those of us with complex special needs.
This is Sara’s story… As a child born with multiple, complicated developmental disabilities, Sara needed an advocate. She needed kindness, patience, and perseverance. Instead she endured years of neglect, sexual, and physical abuse. She was repeatedly hospitalized and shuffled through fourteen different foster homes in only two years.
Understandably, Sara was aggressive and anxious. She had violent outbursts. At school, she posed such a risk to herself and to those around her that she kept from interacting with other students. The social worker’s who were assigned to Sara’s case were running out of options. Sara’s future promised more isolation, anger, and sadness.
At 15, Sara arrived at Latham Centers. Latham provided what Sara needed most; a community of clinicians, teachers, counselors, and aides who developed and individualized treatment plan based on her history, her strengths, and her challenges. At Latham she would be supported by a team that believed in her and who was invested in her growth and success.
Sara is thriving at Latham Centers. She has a rich and vibrant life filled with friends and activities. Sara recently earned a certificate in child care from Cape Cod Community College’s Project Forward Program. She has excelled academically as a member of the Race Point Classroom and she serves as a mentor and tutor to her peers. Sara is proud to be employed by Latham Works as a member of the maintenance team. In January she will graduate from Latham Centers with everything she needs to help her further her vocational skills and her independence. Her community of friends, classmates co-workers and Latham staff will be there to cheer as she crosses the stage.
Latham Centers is proud of the work we do to improve the lives of children and adults with special needs. We rely upon the generosity of those who share our commitment to students and adults like Sara. Your tax-deductible donation will directly impact Latham’s innovative and internationally recognized programs. We invite you to join our Latham family by pledging your support.
Gerald Pouliot III, Previous Latham Centers Teacher and Current Director of Children’s Services
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