Latham Celebrates Rare Disease Day (Part 5): “Students teach us more than we could ever teach them”

We’ve shared a little bit about our amazing students for Rare Disease Day this week. While we highlighted only one quote for each, staff continue to send uplifting remarks. “I have worked at Latham for the past eleven years and I am continuously in awe of the individuals that we serve,” noted Brittni Kliment, Vice President of Admissions, Marketing, and Licensing. “Every day I see them striving to be the best versions of themselves, and even on their challenging days, they use their skills and lean on their staff to overcome all odds. It’s apparent to me, after this time, that the students teach us more than we could ever teach them.”

Today we highlight seven more students:

      • Quinn appreciates the calm; he is a planner and always tries to let people know what’s going on. He is cooperative and has a great sense of humor when you get to know him.

      • Will is our resident dapper don; he is a sneaker head and is not afraid to let you know. In addition to being dapper, he has a lot of insight when it comes to friends and staff, he is always trying to be a good friend.

      • Dom is a lively young man. A parody song is never too far away when he is near.

      • Chris is a good-hearted young man, he likes to be helpful and takes his tasks seriously.

      • AB is a congenial and kindhearted young lady. She loves music and dance. She has a wickedly absurd sense about her that is delightful.

      • Angel has shown an immense amount of compassion for others. She has a big personality and a soft heart.

      • Ryan is the dreamer of dreams and planner of plans. He can talk the ears off a stalk of corn and thinks of the details of the details. He shares his hopes and dreams freely.

We will share our last of six videos tomorrow.



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