Latham Adult Resident Donates Afghan to Emerald Hollow Therapeutic Riding Center

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On Wednesday, March 8th, in support of their fundraising efforts. In November 2016, Angel, Latham Centers’ adult resident (along with her aide, Kim) joined Maplewood Brewster as a volunteer.  Angel is an extremely talented knitter and inspired the Cast-Aways to start a knitting group at Maplewood. The relationships that have resulted have been mutually rewarding and supportive – the residents at Maplewood nurture and encourage Angel – and Angel shares her youthful enthusiasm and non-judgmental affection with all!   
Latham Centers had a pre-existing relationship with the Emerald Hollow Therapeutic Riding Center, where many of our students benefit from their Therapeutic Riding Center. It only made sense, with this mixed collaborative, to create an Afghan in the Cast-Away Knitters Club that could be donated to the Riding Center.  
Velna Zuzick, the Maplewood Brewster Tides Coordinator, met with Angel and gathered the knitting residents and family members every Wednesday morning; obtained supplies and an afghan design; and encouraged every knit and purl!  The “patchwork” afghan design was intentional – each knitter could work on and take pride in their personal squares.
By March 8th, the Cast-Away Knitters and Angel presented a beautiful afghan to Liz Adams of the Therapeutic Riding Center. The residents of Maplewood Brewster, Latham staff, and our very own Angel attended this reception at Maplewood Brewster. Congratulations to Angel for generously donating her time to Maplewood Brewster and the Emerald Hollow Farms Riding Center. What better a way to share your talent and spread your contagious, uplifting energy, then by donating and collaborating with community groups.  

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