Last week’s heartwarming Valentine’s Day on campus

“Love was in the air as we celebrated Valentine’s Day last week,” in the words of our Children’s Program Receptionist Abby G. “This year’s festivities were extra special – since Valentine’s Day was on a Sunday, we got to feel festive all weekend! The suites made Valentine’s Day cards and decorations, and Sunday’s bingo theme was full of love – with bingo cards full of Valentine’s words and phrases. Students dined on a delicious dinner that featured “Chicken-Pom-Adore-You” (chicken parmesan), pasta, green beans, Love Potion punch, and cherry pie for dessert. Tables were decorated with tablecloths and centerpieces to make it a special evening. Students and staff felt the love!”

Director of Health and Wellness Monique Williams noted that in the past, the special Valentine’s Day Dinner for students was a “Restaurant Night” served in the dining room. This year, each suite was provided with tablecloths, centerpieces, napkins, cups, and utensils — staff set up the table prior to dinner, encouraging students to help. The menu items were delivered to the suites (appetizers, entrées, and desserts), and students were encouraged to dress up for the special dinner.

Our Education Team also shared images of handmade heart-shaped cards. Special Education Aide Joey Mallon wrote, “Keeping with the positivity of vaccine week, with Annabell’s permission, here are just a couple of the notes she wrote to her peers for Valentine’s Day. They filled me with joy and I hope they do the same for you.”

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