Knitting for a Cause Makes us Warm and Grateful

Latham Centers gives special thanks this holiday season to Knit Lit., a community knitting group that meets weekly out of the bustling Brooks Free Public Library in Harwich.  The informal group open to all works tirelessly throughout the year on four special volunteer projects for Cape non-profits. After a friend and Latham supporter described the work of Latham Centers, the group selected us as its latest beneficiary.  Interestingly, about one quarter of Knit Lit members are vision-impaired and could easily identify and empathize with our individuals with special circumstances-some sight compromised themselves.  Unfortunately, vision issues are an all too common physical disability associated with individuals withPrader-Willi Syndrome.
After coming to understand more about Latham’s unique special needs population, Knit Lit decided to create stylishly vibrant scarves, hats, gloves and purses in a range of colors and sizes to fit our co-ed children and adult residents. Knitter Janice explains, “This was such a fun activity for us because normally we knit for children only, which means smaller sizes. With this project we were able to knit for a more diverse audience who are all so deserving, while expanding our horizons within the knitting group.”
Above, Tim Vaughan, Latham Centers Director of Leadership and Growth, stands with knitter Carla (with dark glasses), a happy Latham School student, and Janice (far right) to showcase some of the fine quality work Knit Lit produced and generously donated. It is because of groups like Knit Lit that Latham Centers’ individuals are able to connect with the larger community and feel that they belong. Latham Centers students and adult residents thank Knit Lit for donating their time, energy and skills for the winter ahead.  All of us at Latham will think of you with gratitude as we bundle up and stay warm this holiday season!
Submitted by: 
Katrina Fryklund and Gerry Desautels

Latham Development Office

“In life, as in knitting, don’t leave loose ends. Take the time to thank the people 
who matter in your life.” 
~Reba Linker

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