Join us for Lunch with Latham PWS Webinar: How to talk to your child about sex

Patrice Carroll offers Lunch with Latham: How to talk to your child about sex from 12:30-1:30 pm EST Thursday, January 12. Utilizing Zoom, the webinar will give you the chance to see Patrice and ask questions.

Our upcoming Lunch with Latham webinar will cover the concept of sexuality and Prader-Willi syndrome. Human sexuality is composed  of biological, psychological, and cultural ideas and expectations, norms, and internal, physical drives. Although the cultural expectations may be different in the person with PWS, there are still psychological, relational, and biological drives that need to be addressed to ensure that the person can experience a full quality of life. We will discuss the differences, challenges, and strategies to tackling the subject of sexuality and relationships in the lives of people with PWS.

If interested in attending, please contact Katrina Kozak at

Pictured: Patrice Carroll and Katrina Kozak in a 2019 radio interview about Latham Centers’ PWS services. Patrice is a licensed social worker and expert on Prader-Willi syndrome. She presents at national and international PWS conferences, and she works with Latham’s program participants as well as providers and families of children with PWS from throughout the country.

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