Informational PWS Videos- De-Escalation During Crisis: 3 of 4

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Patrice Carroll, Latham Centers’ Manager of PWS Services, is recognized worldwide for her expertise in Prader-Willi Syndrome care. Patrice has filmed four videos which include Fostering Positive Relationships and Independence, De-Escalation during a Crisis, and Skin Picking. Today we show the third video, De-Escalation During Crisis. The final video will be shown at the end of the month.
“The key to shortening the duration of a melt-down is to pay close attention to how you are acting or reacting during the crisis. Planning for the unforeseen allows us to make better decisions and remain rationale, thus helping the individual with PWS get back to baseline faster and with less impact. Stay calm. Take Deep Breaths. Model a relaxed posture and voice.”


We invite you to contact Patrice Carroll and Latham Centers about our PWS Care: or 774.353.9260

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