Image-of-the-Week: A special moment (weeks ago) – students thank BFD

This week’s featured photo was taken more than three weeks ago (pre-social distancing) following “Read Across America Day” on campus. Members of the Brewster Fire Department team participated in Latham School’s March 2nd celebration of the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  Afterwards, students from our Bass River classroom brought thank you cards over to the fire department. Special Education Teacher Jeffrey Lee shared, “In letter writing, we made thank you notes and pictures for the fire department for reading to our class. We also took advantage of the beautiful day and hand-delivered them.”   

Director of Education Kelly Dunn said students and teachers had a great day. “Read Across America was a fun and educational way to bring the community into Latham for all of the best reasons! We had guests from the Police Department, Fire Department, and the soldiers who all lent their valuable time to us. The students were so excited to welcome them.”

In addition to expressing our appreciation to our Brewster Police and Fire departments, Latham Centers extends a heartfelt message of gratitude to all first responders and healthcare providers for your service, especially during this public health crisis.


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