Honoring Teachers at Latham Centers: a Special Note from the Principal and Assistant Principal

C16 Kristi and Student

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to all of our amazing teachers here at the Latham School. We are so lucky to work with such amazing leaders. Learn more about why Brittni Taylor, Principal, and Kara McDowell, Assistant Principal, are so grateful to work with such a great group. (Tomorrow we will be posting the next in the series about Chef Paul Donohue for those who are following the story!)
Megan F. is our wonderful, musically inclined Performing Arts Teacher. Upon her arrival to Latham, she began working on identifying and structuring music lessons for each student interested. Megan has a beautiful voice and is very talented with instruments! Megan leads very entertaining talent shows and concerts each year.
Jessica has worked here at Latham for a few years and is the teacher of our youngest classroom. Jessica maintains structure and organization in her classroom, but also loves to have dance parties with her students. As you can imagine, Jessica’s classroom is buzzing with energy! Jessica’s compassion with each of her students is amazing. She cares for each one of her students and it is always bittersweet for her when they grow up and move onto an older classroom.
Sadie is our newest (and youngest!) teacher. She brings energy and positivity to her classroom. Sadie’s enthusiasm for working with our students is evident every day. She takes pride in watching her students succeed and works extremely hard to help each one of them achieve their goals.
Monique is active (and busy!) with her Physical Education Curriculum, Health Curriculum, and Special Olympics Planning. Monique is, in our opinion, the most creative Physical Education Teacher EVER! She has transformed a space on campus into a functional gymnasium for the students and uses this space to teach effective fitness lessons. Monique is also our Special Olympics Coordinator and has successfully lead the Latham Hawks soccer, football, basketball, bowling and track and field teams.
Amie is one of our veteran teachers and is so successful at meeting each of her student’s individual needs. Amie is an amazing listener and is extremely patient! She works collaboratively with both her students and peers. Amie is extremely creative in her use of classroom wide activities and lessons.
Megan P. is another veteran teacher here at Latham. Megan is wonderful at creating lessons and using her curriculum to expand her student’s knowledge. Megan is amazing with technology and using it with her students to enhance learning. She has won two awards for Excellence in Teaching and we are SO proud of her!
Suzanne is our most senior veteran teacher (15+ years here at Latham!!). She brings a wealth of knowledge to her curriculum and work with our students. Suzanne recently began teaching a MCAS Preparatory Class to our students and has done an excellent job working with them to achieve passing scores!
Tomas has a ton of creativity! He is constantly working to find creative ways to bring fun and art into his classroom. Tomas has worked (and lived!) in a variety of areas, and his travels and experiences drive his approach in his classroom.
Diane has worked at Latham for many years, and brings her knowledge and experience to her classroom. Diane has a great rapport with all her students and uses this rapport to reach each student individually. Diane does an excellent job at facilitating fun and educational community outings in her classroom.
Christine is the leader of our oldest and most independent classroom. She works very hard at teaching our students functional academic skills. Christine watches her students graduate from her classroom on a yearly basis, and is amazed at their growth and progress. Christine is new to Cape Cod, but has already learned a lot about this wonderful place we call home! She teaches her students about the wildlife and nature any chance she has!
Melissa is the leader of the Latham Works program here at Latham. She not only teaches vocational classes to our students, but she also leads vocational clubs, off campus jobs, and vocational cohorts. She has rebuilt our vocational curriculum this school year! Melissa is dedicated to helping all our students achieve vocational positions here on campus. She is excellent at establishing community partnerships.
Thank you to all our teachers for all you do!! We could not do our jobs effectively without you all. You are each one of a kind.
-Kara & Brittni

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