Health and Art classes combine for a fun fall Virtual Club

Patrice Carroll and Katrina Fryklund hosted their first Virtual Club in the summer, and they couldn’t wait to host another to start the school year at Latham. “We were stumped when first given the task of conducting a health and wellness club – we wanted to make it fun and engaging for students,” Katrina explained. The final determination: join health class and art club! Every Friday, the students gather together over zoom and learn about a different body system. The terrific drawings of the respiratory system by Joselyn and Annabell and of the skeletal system by Matthew are shown here.

The club begins with Katrina pulling up the virtual white-board on Zoom and going through each part of the system with the students. After each student completes his or her drawing, they go through and guess the different parts of each body system. Each artist has an opportunity to show their work of art with their peers. Then, the students watch an educational video about the system. “Both the kids and Patrice and I quickly saw how much fun learning about the systems in our bodies could be,” Katrina said. “We all look forward to our Friday club. Between raps about the circulatory system and drawing our respiratory system, the kids are learning through music and art.” 

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