Have you joined the MAAPS Action Network?

MAAPS is a Massachusetts association of special education schools that provides critical support for member schools. MAAPS works tirelessly behind the scenes to help schools obtain funding to provide an appropriate education and services for every child with a disability. Now more than ever, your voice is needed. Signing up for the MAAPS* Action Network is one way to connect with legislators about initiatives that will help students and staff throughout the Commonwealth. The Action Network is an online portal embraced by the MAAPS special education community—member school staff, Boards of Directors, parents and families, friends, and other advocates. Here is an example of an email alert sent out to all MAAPS Action Network members today:

Subject: Debate Begins Today – Please Contact your State Senator to Support Approved Special Education School:

The Massachusetts Legislature is currently debating legislation on how to spend a portion of $4.8 billion received from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). In their version, the House of Representatives included $10 million for Approved Special Education Schools. However, the Senate version of the bill released last week did not include these funds. Senator John Keenan (D-Quincy) has filed an amendment to the Senate bill to include the $10 million for Approved Special Education Schools in the final Senate version. Please contact your State Senator today, by clicking the link below, and ask that they support Amendment #271 of S. 2564 when debate begins today.

Debate Begins Today – Please Contact your State Senator to Support Approved Special Education Schools 


As a MAAPS member school, Latham Centers is grateful for the extended MAAPS community’s information and advocacy efforts!

*Massachusetts Association of Approved Special Education Schools – “Exceptional schools for exceptional children.”


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