Flu season health tips from Latham’s Director of Nursing

The helpful flu-season reminder to Latham staff from Bonnie White, RN, Director of Nursing, includes valuable tips for all of us. Bonnie shares the following words of health care wisdom:

“Cold and flu season will be upon us before you know it. The typical flu season lasts from October through May (with January through March being peak months). We work with a population that needs consistent reminders about good hygiene, especially handwashing and covering their mouths when coughing and sneezing. In addition, the students live in close proximity to each other and all attend school together. These things make it easy for germs to pass quickly from one person to another. Both the flu and cold are passed from one person to another through the air (sneezing, coughing) or by touching contaminated surfaces (phones, computer keyboards, and electronic devices are common items).

Here are some things you can do to help yourself stay healthy:

1. Handwashing, handwashing, and handwashing!

2. Keep all surfaces, computer keyboards, electronics, and phones clean.

3. If you have a cold: cough or sneeze into your elbow—not your hand!

4. Get plenty of sleep.

5. Lastly, but more importantly, get a flu vaccine. These are easily accessible from your doctor or any local pharmacy and are usually covered by health insurance.

Remember, the flu vaccine does not PREVENT the flu! However, should you become ill, it will significantly lower the impact of the symptoms and length of time you are sick. This is particularly important if you have other medical conditions that could be worsened by the flu. For those who say you got sick from the flu vaccine, again, the flu vaccine is a dosage of the flu, and while it may make you feel sick briefly, it is nothing compared to having the flu.

Latham’s nursing staff will continue to work together with colleagues in our Children’s and Adult Services programs to keep everyone as healthy as possible over the next several months.”

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