First Day of School News

The first day of school was a bit later than usual this year, and students and staff were more ready than ever to start a new school year. School year 2009-2010 is bringing lots of positive changes. First of all, Latham School has begun a new reading program with students meeting in reading groups to improve their reading skills. Using the Teach Your Children to Read Well reading program, a reading program authored by Michael Mahoney and based on the best research about teaching, even struggling and beginning readers have the potential for tremendous results. There have been other changes as well. Physical Education is being taught daily to all but our transitional students by a new Physical Education teacher who brings with him much experience. Social Skills has also been added to the daily curriculum. Soon Latham will have our first school store, managed by a student from our transitional class and overseen by our vocational coordinator. Students will be earning Latham dollars to spend in the store. Our elective program has expanded to include a school newspaper and two off campus activities: video production and tap dancing. Students heard about all these changes at the first all school assembly, and their enthusiasm was palpable. Students are now getting ready for Student Council elections so that they can continue to work on making school year 2009-2010 a huge success for all.

“Always walk through life 
as if you have something new to learn and you will.”
~Vernon Howard

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