The Fire Museum legacy: Latham will honor former museum’s history at its new Community Center

The Cape Cod Chronicle published a guest column in today’s newspaper about Latham Centers’ plans to keep the Brewster Fire and History Museum alive. Latham staff member Dawn Dinnan wrote:

“For me, the special element of the story is the Fire Museum’s rekindled legacy. Latham Centers plans to keep the ‘museum’ alive by dedicating an area of the new facility to the memory and history of the New England Fire and History Museum. And in doing so, we’ll be honoring all the dedicated community volunteers who shared their time, talents, and passions during the museum’s 35 years of operation – as well as our firefighter heroes near and far.”

Next week, we’ll share more news and photos from Latham’s public launch of the “Expanding Our Circle” Capital Campaign for the new Latham Community Center.

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