Expanding Our Circle (Part 4): In the words of our Latham Community Center supporters

The perspectives of our Expanding Our Circle Capital Campaign supporters remind us of the importance of our initiative. Below are some of their sentiments:

State Senator Julian Cyr, Cape and Islands District:

“Latham Centers is an invaluable contributor to the Cape Cod community. The construction of the Latham Community Center will not only enrich the lives of children and adults with complex special needs, but provide family members, friends, and the public with a vibrant and inclusive area to gather and enjoy. I am proud to work closely with Latham Centers to ensure the most vulnerable members of our community have a place to learn, work, and grow; and I look forward to our continued collaboration to make the Latham Community Center a success.”

Amy Carroll, Latham Centers Board member, Cape Cod resident, and sister of a Latham School graduate and adult Latham resident:

“When my sister left us at age thirteen to go to Latham School, we felt so much guilt and emptiness. Today, she is an adult graduate from Latham School and lives in a group residence with other housemates she enjoys. Latham Centers has literally given her a life she never would have had. We are very excited about the new expansion and for all of the new and enriching experiences it will bring to Julie and others like her.”

Steven Bebrin, Latham parent and Harwich homeowner:

“Before Latham, our son was in crisis. His weight was too high, his outbursts explosive, and his emotions erratic. His behavior at both home and school were unmanageable. Latham was a godsend for us. He has competed in Special Olympics and even delivers Meals on Wheels in the community. Cape Cod and Latham have provided the acceptance and expert care our son and our family needed all along. Without Latham Centers, I cannot imagine what our lives would be like now.”

Susan Packard, Latham mother and Provincetown resident:

“Latham Centers has transformed my son’s life. It is with the new Latham Community Center that they will be able to continue to do their incredible work with our children while including the community.”

Tavia Ossola, former Latham Board member, former employee, and Brewster resident:

“Together we have an opportunity to create a community center that will serve not only the Latham community, but also the community of Brewster and surrounding areas. The challenge of raising the necessary funds to turn this museum building into a community center, open to all, will take time and work from all of us. Community participation will be critical. I believe strongly in the project, and I am deeply committed to making this a reality for all.”

Mary Catherine O’Brien, longtime Brewster resident and Special Education advocate:

“I am so excited for the additional resources Latham is poised to share with the community. As I’ve watched them grow over the years, Latham has steadily continued to provide more jobs and meaningful opportunities for their residents and to the greater Cape Cod workforce.”

Meghan Pouliot, Latham School teacher and Cape Cod native:

“I am constantly in awe of my students. The compassion and dedication they have is amazing. When I think I have seen the height of their compassion, they do something that leaves me speechless.”

Christine Thomas, M.D., Latham mother, Board member, and Brewster homeowner:

“For children like my daughter with intensive clinical needs and therapeutic care, the Latham Community Center will provide so many opportunities for physical, artistic, social and vocational development. The Community Center holds so much promise and hope for families with special needs children to be more engaged, independent members of society into their adult years.”

We’re grateful to the many donors who have helped us reach the half-way mark in the Latham Community Center fundraising effort! To donate or learn more about our $2.1 M Capital Campaign, please click HERE.



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