Dr. Singh delights students on Storytime with super silly book

In honor of Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Month (in May), Latham Centers welcomed many special guests who read stories to our students on Virtual Storytime.*

GUEST READER DR. DEEPAN SINGH: On May 15th, Dr. Singh joined Latham’s Virtual Storytime and read the silliest book by far! Students were giddy as he read each page of The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak. The wildly funny book begins, “Here is how books work: Everything the words say, the person reading the book has to say. No matter what.” The pages continue with all sorts of fun noises and sounds that are sure to get anyone to giggle – like “BLORK,” and “Glibbity-Globbity.” It also asks the reader to sing and say things in funny voices, like a “Robot Monkey!” (While this YouTube video does not highlight the impressive voice of Dr. Singh, you can hear a full reading of this awesome book by clicking here.)

After Dr. Singh finished reading in the most wonderful animated and enthusiastic style, the students littered him with questions. They asked him how things were going in New York, what he had been up to, and how he got into the psychiatry field. Students learned why he especially loves working with individuals with PWS. He stated, “I wanted to work with people, and I noticed that it was rare in psychiatry for people to say that they like to see their psychiatrist. It’s different in the world of PWS, though; I love seeing my clients and they love seeing me!”

To learn more about Dr. Singh and his latest endeavors in the PWS Medical and Psychiatric community, go to www.deepansingh.com or call (631) 450-3939. You may also email Dr. Singh at connect@deepansingh.com.

* Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, students at Latham Centers (and in their homes across the country) come together online for a fun surprise, a good book, and an interactive social hour. Each reader brings something special to Virtual Storytime. Whether they are a legislative or non-profit leader, a professional in the PWS community, or a weather forecaster, they have provided the gift of storytelling and delightful conversation. Throughout the month of May and beyond, we highlight our special guest readers and say THANK YOU.

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