Children’s Res Team hosts inaugural Halloween Dance

Children’s Services extended their Halloween fun into the evening this year, utilizing Latham’s campus expansion site for the first-ever student Halloween Dance.  The Residential Team created the event; Melissa Soares (Children’s Program Residential Director) and Dominic Monick (Residential Supervisor) led the charge in putting together the October 31st dance.  Children’s Services Director Gerry Pouliot said the off-campus event was such a success that he hopes it will become an annual tradition.

Following are excerpts from Dom’s message of appreciation to staff:

“I’m so proud to say the event went so well!  So many students couldn’t stop saying thank you… seeing their faces of joy was really worth all the work! I’d like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who assisted with the dance, including:

  •  Marissa Clancy for operating our shuttle system and helping with setup,

  •  Jasmine Tallman for our setup and breakdown of the party,

  •  Carlie Baker, our intern, who assisted with setup and makeup for our students,

  •  Mindy Uhlman, who came in as our DJ and was A-MAZING! (If anyone ever needs a Karaoke girl, MINDY’S the gal, she was so organized and everything was so professional — thank you!

  •  And finally, all the staff who worked and picked up. You guys worked incredibly hard to make sure every student was ready and dressed to the nines. And not only were the kids looking great, staff was dressed to kill as well! I’m so proud of everyone who was there, it was a really special dance for the kids! We have the best team a supervisor can ask for!” 

-Dominic Monick

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