Celebrating August Staff of the Month: Children’s Program Blog Series

August Staff of the Month: Chris Howard (Part 1)

In August, our Children’s Services team celebrated and recognized five staff members who particularly excelled. In this week’s blog series, we’ll share those special recognitions honoring five dedicated staff members who won the award:

      • Chris Howard: Lead Chef

      • Jeffrey Lee: Special Education Teacher

      • Vikacha Phiri: Director of Social Services

      • Scott Beauregard: Awake Overnight Child Care Worker

      • Melanie Mimmo: Children’s Program Nurse (RN)

Today we recognize Chris with some of his colleagues’ accolades:

Chris, I can’t thank you enough for all that you do in the kitchen, and for making my class feel at home, and giving them all the love that you have. All my kids are so happy when they get to see you and feel welcomed.

Chris is just a great guy, he’s fantastic with the kids, says hi, and is always pleasant. He is an all-around nice guy.

Chris, you have a way with our staff, our students, and our parents that is par-none. Thank you for being awesome.

Talking about Chris…He is the greatest boss I’ve ever had. He’s sweet, kind, helpful… He’s always smiling, and the kids love him.

Chris is a person that has this demeanor that works so well here at Latham. He’s calm, even all the time, and jumps in to help where needed. He really cares about the kids, and that comes through.



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