Cape Cod Times publishes our PSA of gratitude

Thank you to the Cape Cod Times for publishing a Public Service Announcement about Latham Centers in Monday’s newspaper! The half-page PSA was an exceptional opportunity for us to enhance awareness about Latham, and to shine an extra-bright light on our dedicated staff.  In the PSA, we quote an appreciative parent:

“I cannot reiterate enough just how amazing, resourceful, and dedicated the Latham Staff is! Thank you for keeping our kids safe, happy, engaged, and calm through all of this. You all have gone above and beyond in every aspect of this pandemic! I appreciate Latham so very much… I’m thankful that my son is safe, among friends and adults who care for him and nurture him, and that he remains happy. I knew you were all pretty special for what you do, but after Covid, you are all complete angels! Words just don’t seem to do my gratitude justice…”  (Latham School parent)

A smaller version of the PSA appeared in the Cape Cod Chronicle’s Independence Day edition this week, again expressing gratitude to our entire staff.  The ad also included a link to our Careers page to let Chronicle readers (lower and mid-Cape areas and off-Cape subscribers) know that we’re hiring.

To the 275 ESSENTIAL STAFF members supporting the children and adults at Latham Centers, THANK YOU!

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