Cape Cod African Dance and Drum comes to Latham

Cape Cod African Dance and Drum recently visited Latham Centers’ students and staff for an all-campus assembly. On Wednesday, March 27th, Tara Murphy brought the creative dance and drum program to our Brewster campus as part of an ongoing visiting artist series for Latham students generously funded by a Federated Church of Orleans performing arts grant. The dance and drum class was a wonderful opportunity for students to release energy, lift spirits, learn, and have fun.

The students entered the room to find a circle of chairs and all promptly sat down, excited for the presentation to start. Tara spoke to students about the feeling of music, reinforcing that we all have our own rhythm and beat. Tara enthusiastically encouraged all of our students to participate, and the staff was delighted with their engagement. By the middle of the first song, students were on their feet and joining a dance circle. One student led the dance, while the others mimicked the dance move until all students who wanted to participate had the opportunity. Tara shared traditional African dance moves for the students to imitate as well.

Tara discussed the different percussion tools and how to respectfully treat the instruments. For the rest of the interactive two-hour session, students found their inner beat, drummed to traditional songs, and enjoyed call and response patterns with Tara as the lead. For many new students, this was their first opportunity for an all-student assembly, and we could not be happier with their level of participation.

Latham’s Instructor of Performing Arts and Wellness Sarah jane Mason said, “Tara’s enthusiasm and high energy really helped motivate all the students to participate, and there were smiles all around the room from both students and staff.”

We thank Tara Murphy for her outstanding dance and drum class and generosity with our students and staff. Our valued community partners such as Cape Cod African Dance and Drum and the Federated Church of Orleans continue to enrich our Latham School students’ extracurricular activities.

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