Brewster Falls Class Success!

On Friday, March 20th, students of Latham School gave powerpoint presentations in the school library for an audience of teachers, special education assistants and classmates. The Brewster Falls class had been working on a unit called “Systems of the Human Body” for several weeks. Each student created their own powerpoint presentation complete with details about their chosen system – muscular, respiratory, excretory, skeletal, circulatory, reproductive and nervous system. Each student showed their powerpoint and gave a verbal presentation to the group. Their classmates cheered them on! This is the first time that Latham students have used powerpoint to complete presentations to show their learning.

We greatly appreciate the efforts of the Brewster Falls staff – teacher Suzanne Requa-Trautz, M. Ed. and Emily LaZott, educational assistant with helping the students achieve this great success. We are so proud of the Brewster Falls class!

Keep your eye on this blog for more updates on the academic strides being made at the Latham School.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
~Benjamin Franklin

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