As promised: Latham Hawks’ exciting State Tourney at Gillette

The Latham Hawks flag football team competed in the Special Olympics State Tournament at Gillette Stadium in November, and all of our students did amazingly well! It has been a long time since we went to Gillette and a lot of them were there for the first time. As a little bonus, everyone got to go through the Hall of Fame! (Thank you, Gerry!)

The Latham Hawks won their first game 6-0! However, at the start their second game, the team had one heck of a wrench thrown at them. The team we went up against did not have any unified players (staff) on their team. So, in turn, we could not play with our staff. This was the first time they have played without staff on the field with them. Students performed under great pressure, communicated with each other without much support, and really stayed grounded in the moment. Although they did not win that game, they were right on their heels with a final score of 40-33!

When all was said in done, the Latham Hawks took home GOLD MEDALS and placed 1st in their division! We are so thrilled about their wonderful experience – CHEERS to our flag football team for this incredible victory! And thank you so much to all the coaches for giving so much of their time, love and patience during this season! If you see any of them around, give ‘em a shout: Rob Shed, Zach, Jeff, Chris Fitz, and MaryClaire! Thank you, Nursing, for packing all of our meds — on top of all the packing for the holidays! Thank you, kitchen staff, for providing and packing out all our meals! Thank you, Desiree, Mac, Raina, and all other staff that helped getting the team ready for their day and out the door!


Thanks to Danny Anderson, Residential Activities Coordinator, for the photos and tournament highlights!

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