Arts & Crafts at the Run Pond Road Residence

-2Crafts created by Pam and Allan!

The individuals at Run Pond Road are a crafty bunch; enjoying everything from tie dying to making birdhouses. Pam has quite the skill set in crafting. She crochets beautiful blankets which she’s donated to the MSPCA for the animals to use and has even sold some for a profit! She has made papier mache’ animals in addition to very cool animal cut outs which she “colors in” with rolled pieces of magazine. Alan hand crafted, with staff assistance, a wood bird house that was nailed up in a tree in the house’s side yard. Alan was involved in each step from going to Home Depot to pick out and purchase the wood, to gluing it together, and finally painting it!
In the past, and again this year, the residents as a whole will make some seasonal crafts as well! They are already looking forward to the holidays and are welcoming them with jack-o-lanterns, a Thanksgiving cornucopia, and Christmas tree outlines by tracing their hands. The residents of Run Pond Road always look forward to showing off their crafts.



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