April Community Meeting brings smiles to Children’s Campus

Photo collage caption: Screenshots from the Slideshow Presentation

At our April Community Meeting on campus, students and staff celebrated the accomplishments of March. All the students ‘Zoomed in’ from their classrooms to support one another. The virtual meeting topics included:

o Student Affirmations

o Community Announcements

o New Student Welcomes

o Student Anniversaries at Latham Centers

o Individual, Classroom, and Suite Awards

o And a dancing contest to the Cupid Shuffle

Students shared one thing about themselves of which they were proud, plus one positive thing about a peer. They also discussed working on safe behaviors for the upcoming spring activities and how proud they were to support their friends and teachers. Staff and student council president Archie then talked about upcoming campus goings-on. “The student council will be running a campus-wide event in support of Ukraine! We will be planting sunflowers along the side of the schoolhouse, by the van parking area, where there is a lot of sunlight. We will be letting you know the date by next month when the weather is warm enough to plant. Thank you!”

After announcements, students learned about and congratulated peers on achievements and milestones. Josel, for example, has been at Latham Centers for nine years and achieved so much during his time here — a shining example of success! The awards are a favorite part of the presentation, and this month new student Peyton came away with multiple – including awards for physical education, vocational worker, school friendship award, cleanest room in her suite, and cleanest room on all of campus! Congrats, Peyton – “with hard work and a positive attitude, anything is achievable!” The Brewster Falls students also received Classroom awards including physical education, performing arts, and vocational skills. Staff also recognized colleagues with awards for Michaela Walker, Robert Hatch, Casey Webb, and Bibi Charran.

Finally, the students and staff got groovy to the Cupid Shuffle and the winners were Bass River for Classroom, Matthew for student, and Heidi for staff!

It has been an amazing spring so far on campus!

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