Anthony’s Day: Latham graduate is honored for his “huge accomplishment”

Residential Director Gina Sheehan was among several Children’s Program leaders who spoke with pride about Anthony C. at his graduation ceremony last week.  Gina shared a story about when they met in 2012 upon her return to Latham as a clinician. She was thrilled to learn they would be working together.  “We spent countless earned computer time hours trying to become president in a computer game Anthony enjoyed during election time that fall,” she recalled.  “Although our political views didn’t match up, Anthony was willing to accept this and remained focused.” 

Gina shared that Anthony is a creative thinker, inspiring inventor, talented artist, book writer, and possibly future politician.  “I discovered that trust and honesty goes a long way with Anthony,” she said.  “He worked hard being able to see others’ perspectives, accept compromise, and collaborate to solve a problem – values that ALL political candidates should have!”

“I watched as Anthony became more invested in Latham, his school work, and his Res, and I watched as Anthony conquered many challenges,” Gina continued. “He taught me the importance of sticking with your beliefs, the details and benefits of an organized protest such as a “sit in,” AND how to use an idiom in a sentence and actually have it make sense.”

Gina said “DETERMINED” is a term that will forever make her think of Anthony. “Whether it was a song, book, research project, or searching the grounds for four leaf clovers, Anthony always stuck with it, no matter the obstacle.”

Gina also celebrated Anthony as a writer.  “He uses books he is inspired by to create his own creative novels, so I will take a page from Anthony’s book and write my own passage based on the book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss:


be your name ANTHONY or Andy or Mang

or Captain Elijah Bangs

You’re off to new Journeys!

Today is your Day

Your next path is waiting.

You will be successful, there is no other way!

Anthony was awarded a certificate of completion from Latham School and a certificate of attainment from Barnstable High School.

Congratulations, Anthony!


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