An incredible St. Patrick’s Parade in September


Staff and students had a fabulous time Saturday in the Cape Cod St. Patrick’s Parade on Route 28 in Yarmouth. On the final day of Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week (September 18th), Latham Centers joined the parade with a float streaming with green, messages of appreciation, a rainbow and pot of gold, a leprechaun, and our blue Latham Hawk mascot. The 16th annual parade (postponed 6 months) was held in honor of all essential workers. Latham felt the love from the entire community. Our students were so happy to be there, some on the float, waving and hearing the cheers and clapping along the entire route, and some watching the parade. 

So many people thanked Latham and our essential staff as we passed by. We love our community!

Sincere thanks to the volunteer parade organizers – we hope to be a part of the celebration again on March 5, 2022.   (Thank you, Cape Cod Times!)

Cape Cod St. Patrick’s Parade | Facebook  (Thank you, Cape Cod St. Patrick’s Parade volunteers!)

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