Alex reads ‘One and One and One’ to his peers on Storytime

Monday is always an exciting day on our weekly Virtual Storytime because we highlight our student readers as our special guests. Alex was delighted to read and kept it a surprise for his friends until the very last minute! He chose a classic, One and One and One by Louis Untermeyer and illustrated by Robert Jones, published in 1962. Alex was the first student reader to pick a classic; introduces the book. “a cat without a home meets a dog without a bone at the start of this endearing tale, recounted in catchy rhymes by Louis Untermeyer, one of America’s most beloved twentieth-century poets. The illustrated story follows the animal friends into a deep, dark forest, where they encounter an owl, a bear, and other creatures that work together to build a happy home.”

Alex wanted to tell you all about his experience as a special guest, and what Storytime means to him:

“Hi there. My name is Alexander I am 21 years old. I live in the state of Indiana. What I like about story time is hang[ing] out with all of you guys and all of my PWS friends and I meet new [and others] that I meet yet. I have a larger community now because I have a alot of people new and old to see again. I love the One and One and One book because I love animals so much; I live on a farm in Zionsville. That I do pixel art too. I love to read out aloud to people!”

It is such a wonderful experience for all of us to have student readers share their selected stories and interests – thank you, Alex!

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