Adult Resident and staffer Receive Award at Cape Cod and Islands Advisory Board for the Department of Developmental Services Breakfast



Kevin and George at the Awards Breakfast
On April 8th the Cape Cod and Islands Citizen Advisory Board for the Department of Developmental Services (DSS) hosted a Recognition Breakfast.  The event honored a number of exceptional staff and/or individuals who receive services from DDS for their meaningful contributions to the Cape Cod community and for significant accomplishments.
Kevin L. came to Latham Centers in 1989. During his time at Latham, he has overcome many obstacles and has made great strides improving his life. Today, Kevin is extremely busy! He holds two part time jobs; one at the YMCA and the other delivering supplies to our residences and offices. He has volunteered at the Cape Wildlife Center for many years and also assists weekly in the care of our six donkeys. He is out and about in the community and on a daily basis, sometimes walks miles in a day. He is also a very proud participant of the Annual Special Olympics track and field events.
George M. has worked closely with Kevin for many years. His calm demeanor and quiet way has been instrumental in assisting all of the individuals that he supports to achieve their goals. He always strives to increase their independence whenever possible.
It was beautiful to see Kevin and George at this breakfast filled with a room of other adult residents with Special Needs who are defying odds. By working and continuing to be involved in the Cape Cod Community, Kevin and George are perfect representatives of Latham Centers. We are so proud of you both!
Katrina Fryklund
Director of Development

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