A twist on the Falmouth Road Race: Invitation to run in support of Latham this August

If you have ever considered running the Falmouth Road Race for Team Latham, this year’s newly announced virtual format and reduced fundraising minimum might be just the encouragement you need!

This year’s 7-mile Falmouth Road Race “At-Home Edition” is a virtual event, so you can run it in your hometown — and the fundraising minimum is much lower this year. Team Latham 10 has a few bibs left and we would like you to join the team!  If you’ve wanted to run Falmouth with Team Latham in the past but weren’t sure you’d be able to complete the 7-mile run and raise the required minimum fundraising amount, THIS is your year to try it!  The run can be completed at your pace in your neighborhood (runners are not allowed on the actual course) during a two-week timeframe in August.  Runners do NOT have to run on the actual race day, and runners do NOT have to run the 7 miles all at once.  AND, with only a $400 fundraising requirement, you’ll be able to raise the funds (for the benefit of Latham Centers) in no time! You’ll get your own online fundraising link, FRR swag, get to be part of one of Latham Centers’ annual special events, and part of one of Cape Cod’s iconic races.

If you’d like to join our team, please email Diana Morgan (Development Associate, Special Events for Latham) at dmorgan@lathamcenters.org to claim one of our remaining bibs. We’ll help you fundraise, and you have 92 days left to train!

Check out this blog from last year to see how much our runners’ participation in the Numbers for Nonprofits program means to Latham Centers.

The race organizers’ video announcing that “In the New Balance Falmouth Road Race At-Home Edition, You’re the Race Director!” is available on the event website.


Pictured: Steve and Jeri Bebrin, Latham family members, will again be part of Team Latham this year!

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