A Note From The Director of Maintenance

As Director of Maintenance at Latham Centers I am keenly aware of the importance of food security for our students and individuals. Over the years we have developed a number of systems and techniques to insure that food is safely and securely managed in our homes.

Currently we use padlocks on all refrigerators. We typically purchase standardized single side refrigerators and place latches and locks on the freezer and the refrigerator door. We use heavy duty padlocks that can be purchased at any local hardware store. We secure the latches for these locks to the door of the refrigerator by drilling holes carefully into the side of the door and the wall of the refrigerator. We use self-tapping screws and additionally use lock tight glue or super glue to secure the latches. We find that occasionally the latches need replacement if they are wiggled frequently. It is important to check for loosening of the latches from time to time.

On our cabinets we use a high quality barrel lock. Depending on how long the cabinets are we may add a second lock to insure that they remain secure. It is important to periodically check these locks to insure that they are not becoming loose.

Last of all in managing our trash disposal we secure all food refuse in locked dump sheds.

Most recently we have been in conversation with our alarm company and electrician discussing the development of a timed lock using magnets. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

If you have questions about installation of locks please comment and we will help if we can.

Contributed by:
Tim Semple
Director of Maintenance

“Safety First” is “Safety Always.”
~Charles M. Hayes

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