A Message From Human Resources

Finding qualified and committed staff to work at Latham Centers is a time consuming business. Ideally, we look for people with experience in residential programs and behavior management, although these skills can be hard to find. So, next on the list is someone with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology or human services and some experience working with people with disabilities.

Equally important are the personality traits of the candidate. We look for people who are passionate about helping people with special needs. Our ideal candidates should also be friendly, compassionate, open, flexible, have a sense of humor and a calm demeanor—someone who will stay calm in a crisis situation. They should be able to admit to their mistakes (we all make them!), accept feedback and grow from those experiences. We are looking for enthusiasm as well as common sense. Someone who can follow the rules and provide a consistent message. The desire to grow and learn is also important. We hope folks stay long term and get the career fulfillment they are looking for while providing the support they love to give.

“The vision must be followed by the venture.

It is not enough to stare up the steps – 
we must step up the stairs.”
~Vance Havner

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