1st Annual Latham School Science Fair

Last week, students at Latham participated in the school’s first of many school-wide science fairs. With outstanding contributions from almost all of the students, visitors were treated to a wide variety of experiments and in depth explorations of different scientific phenomena. Displays included hands-on experiments such as erupting volcanoes (the Marconi Class), testing Newton’s Third Law by use of a water rocket (Mike R.), and using a block and tackle to give a mechanical advantage during a tug of war (Aisha and Nick L. ). Other students researched and gave presentations on topics covering everything from stalagmites and stalactites (Ayanna), plant germination (Leona), and tornadoes (Rachel, Annee, and Lexi R.). The students should be commended for all their hard work and dedication to making this such a successful day.

Contributed by:
Jeremiah Nickerson

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